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From: Steam Train
Subject: Exposed Story 15Exposed
By Steam Train (
`A series of almost incest little girls lolicon unrelated short stories [Tiffany Anson and her friends
also appeared in Story 4 and will also appear in a separate Story titled
Tiffany Anson Exposed which is not part of this series] capturing the
humiliation and embarrassment suffered by the stories character when their
late or early development is exposed upon being made naked in public'.
Story Fifteen
Tiffany Anson sat enthroned in her make shift throne that she had been
constructed consisting of an old discarded lounge chair placed on three
timber pallets with her two Lieutenants, her best friends, Leanne Penn and
Nicole Brealey standing either side of her. Standing nervously before them
was 14 years old Rhys Newton.Tiffany had turned 15 and her two fellow 9th grade friends were still 14
years of age but to look at them you would have thought Tiffany was the
younger. Brown haired Tiffany was tall and gangly with a small tight
bottom, skinny legs and very little body fat which gave her whole body no
real shape as even her chest was as flat as young teen lolita porn a pancake. There was no
possibility Tiffany padded her bra like some girls who had recently been
stripped at the local juvenile justice centre had revealed, What you saw
with Tiffany was what you got, to put it bluntly she was a tomboy, and
proud of it!Enthroned Tiffany always felt empowered; its height allowed her a position
of dominance as she inspected Rhys.Her clubhouse sat in the middle of the few acres of woods that acted as a
buffer between her suburb of Elliotville and the adjoining suburb of
Coreytown. It was in fact an old shed that had lolita 17 portal bbs been there from long before
all the surrounding suburbs had been built. It was pretty dilapidated but
over the last year or so a group of local kids from Elliotville had patched
it up and Tiffany Anson with the assistance of her two best friends, had
claimed the clubhouse as their own and with their large group of female
hangers on, had pushed the local Elliotville boy's aside, allowing them in
to the clubhouse only when Tiffany or her two Lieutenants condoned it.Tiffany had not been so effective in controlling the boys from the suburb
of Coreytown that adjoined the other side of the woods and so Tiffany had
worked over the last few weeks with Nichole and Leanne to increase their
influence and control in this suburb. They had decided that the key to
achieving this was to get the hottest most influential jock from Coreytown
Middle School, 14 years old Rhys Newton to join their club. They decided
that if they could get Rhys initiated into their club they would attract
lots of other Coreytown boys who would want to belong because Rhys
belonged.Tiffany, Nichole and Leanne had therefore set out to get as much dirt on
Rhys as they could possibly uncover. Surprisingly this did not take as much
effort as they had imagined. Rhys was a real jock and had after getting his
way with numerous girls through the 7th grade and now the 8th grade, had
unceremoniously dumped those girls after claiming their virginity, leaving
many nude lolas pics preteen
a bitter and twisted enemy.With a large dossier on his sexual activities and the threat to go public
and tell the new Juvenile Punishment Center authorities about his actions
Rhys had reluctantly agreed to be initiated into Tiffany's club.The Elliotville Juvenile Punishment Center had only been open on weekends
in the auditorium of Elliotville High where Tiffany, Nichole and Leanne
attended for a few weeks, and it was only two months ago that the very
first JPC in the country had begun punishing misbehaving youngsters ages
five to seventeen as part of the Federal governments `Taking Back Control
Scheme'. Every juvenile lived pre teen loli sex in fear of being sent to a JPC and Rhys was
no different.Since it's opening at her school Tiffany had not missed one weekend of
attendance. She was happy to go along, to see the show. The entire cast of
local misbehaving boys and girls many whom she knew, totally naked and
being publicly humiliated and punished. It was the best entertainment
around. Mind you she only wanted to be in the audience never a participant!She particularly liked inspecting the totally naked bodies standing on the
portable rotating stage awaiting their spankings, showing off their
previously private parts to the entire audience, which nearly always
included friends and family not just strangers. She also enjoyed the
shaving tables where all the misbehaving boys and girls were laid out and
inspected. Those who had body hair anywhere except on their head were
thoroughly shaved. The whimpering noises made by the older boys and girls
as they lost their pubic and other hair and were reduced back to looking
like young children really aroused her. The sight of all the boys erect
penises sticking up into the air as they lay there was also a very comical
and erotic sight.Tiffany sat on her throne silently inspecting the fully clothed
Rhys. Standing 5 foot 7 inches and weighing 110 lbs, Rhys at 14 years of
age was a hottie. He had already built up a muscled torso and was ultra
attractive with his tailored blond hair and deep bronze tan. The clubs
initiation ceremony that the three girls had developed after stripping
Trent Snipe and Steve Palmer a few months back would involved Rhys standing
stark naked before them, eyes closed as the three girls inspected and felt
his naked body in an attempted to make him open his eyes or talk.If Rhys succeeded in keeping his eyes closed and not talking for fifteen
minutes as they initiated him, he would pass. If he didn't, the time
doubled to thirty minutes and he would have to withstand being naked and
tormented all over again for the longer period of time. Each time the girls
succeeded in forcing him to open his eyes or talk the time doubled. Thirty
became sixty minutes which became two hours and so on. It was just possible
the three girls could have Rhys naked for hours and hours.Deciding she needed to quickly see more of Rhys, lots more, Tiffany
ordered, "Ok Rhys, remove your shoes and socks."Once Rhys had slowly complied Tiffany said, "Good, now take off your
shirt,"Ever so slowly Rhys peeled his tight fitting tee shirt from his torso.Eagerly the three girls feasted their eyes on the newly free loli cp porn
revealed tanned
smooth skin of Rhys bare upper body."Awesome chest!!!" commented Leanne as all three visually explored the
smooth muscles of Rhys adolescent body. Firm well-defined pectoral muscles
highlighted the teenager's bare chest which tapered sensuously to a slim
narrow waist. The entire area was smooth, tanned and absolutely
flawless. Like his chest, Rhys abdominal muscles were tight and
well-defined with a developing "six-pack" obvious just above the elastic
waistband of his exposed boxers.As Rhys lifted his tee shirt over his head Tiffany had noticed that he had
just a trace of dark blonde peach fuzz hair underneath him arms. Also a
thin trace of golden down extended from just beneath his innie navel and
disappeared inside his boxers which were now exposed a full two inches
above his jeans.A shimmer of nervous perspiration shimmered upon Rhys well developed
chest. With the exception of his downy happy trail of peach fuzz, Rhys
belly was as smooth, firm and hairless as his chest."Unbutton your jeans and pull them off" Tiffany ordered.Very slowly and with great reluctance Rhys loosened his jeans. After what
seemed minutes to Tiffany Rhys finally had his jeans open and halfway down
his hips exposing his boxers fully. Now serving no useful purpose Rhys
quickened his actions and yanked down his jeans all the way to his ankles
and removed them over his bare feet and tossed them on the floor.Rhys was incest little girls lolicon now stripped down to nothing more than a pair of boxers.The three girls just took their time watching as Rhys helplessly tried to
hide his bulging underwear by twisting his to the side a little."Ok Rhys time for your initiation to begin, you need to close your eyes now
and don't open them again for any reason till I tell you your fifteen
minutes is up, otherwise we start all over and the time doubles each
occasion you open your eyes. The test is to keep your eyes closed no matter
what we do to you. We will take your boxers off, and we will feel your
naked body but we won't hurt or maim you!" smiled Tiffany."Ok" Rhys replied nervously as he closed his eyes.Rhys fidgeted nervously as he awaited the girls uncovering his secret
parts.Tiffany, Nichole and Leanne moved from their positions over to stand in
front of Rhys for the unveiling of the local middle school jock. Tiffany
reached out and hooked her fingers inside bd company lolita alfasex the elastic waist band on the
left side of Rhys boxers. Seeing this, Nichole did the same on the other
side and the two of them ever so slowly began to peel down his last vestige
of modesty.The first thing Tiffany and the two girls noticed was Rhys' tan line which
erotically showed off the stark contrast between his bronze abdominal
muscles and the pale white skin of his extreme lower abdomen. Pausing for a
moment in the lowering of Rhys boxers to take in the sight of the smooth
skin, Rhys appeared to tense his muscles in anticipation of his imminent
exposure."Nice," muttered Leanne while she traced her fingers across Rhys lower
abdomen which was covered with just the slightest hint of golden peach
fuzz. When she did this, Rhys arched his back slightly and rocked back on
his heals.Tiffany and Nichole resumed their removal of Rhys boxers and as the garment
was peeled down and off, Rhys erect penis flopped up striking his belly and
making an audible thump."Nice, very nice" a wide-eyed Nichole uttered as she joined Tiffany and
Leanne staring at the now totally nude and exposed teenager. The eyes of
all three girls followed the trail of golden peach fuzz which started just
beneath Rhys navel and extended downward to the base of his erect tightly
circumcised penis where it formed into a small silky patch about and inch
and a half wide and half an inch deep of short curly dark blonde pubic
hair. It was the only hair down there as his penis and ball-sac were smooth
and hairless.Tiffany glanced up at Rhys eyes which were tightly clamped shut whilst at
the same nude lolas pics preteen
time tickling the blond nearly invisible silky like hairs which
sprouted below Rhys navel.All three girls took turns exploring Rhys naked body checking constantly to
detect any nude lolita art links opening of his eyes. Tiffany was the first to move her fingers
up and down the erect shaft of Rhys engorged penis. As Tiffany did this
Rhys again arched his back and rolled back on his heals, a slight moan
escaping his lips as he felt his sexual arousal reaching the point of no
return.Tiffany reached down with her other hand and cupped his loosely hung
ball-sac which dropped impressively below his penis feeling the hairless
wrinkled pouch that was Rhys scrotum and gently caressing his two walnut
sized testicles that were encased within. Over the next minutes all three
girls young lolitas free galleries took turns playing with them as well as stroking Rhys increasingly
throbbing under yo teen loli erection."Think he's going to shoot Tiff?" asked Leanne as she watched Rhys penis
throb under the ministrations of Tiffany's fingers.When a pearly drop of pre-cum finally oozed from the tip of Rhys penis it
was clear to Tiffany and the other two girls that Rhys was fast approaching
ejaculation.Nichole giggled when she saw that Rhys was just seconds from shooting his
load. "Stop!!! Don't make him cum yet, let's get him nice and bald first,"
she suggested.Tiffany released Rhys throbbing erection which twitched almost
uncontrollably for quite a few seconds before settling down.Nichole went and fetched the shaving gear they kept in the club house and
was soon spreading shaving cream inside Rhys armpits, then over his small
thatch of pubic hair and downy happy trail.When she was through, Nichole wiped her hands clean with a washcloth and
picking up the razor lowered it onto Rhys lower belly and drew it down from
below his navel to the top of the thatch of pubic hair. She smiled at the
smooth ribbon of hairless skin and carefully made a second and third pass
down Rhys extreme lower belly. Rhys could only tense his muscles and say
nothing as he felt the razor remove his sexy trail of fuzz from his belly."Awe you lost your happy trail Rhys" said Leanne as she watched Nichole
remove the last vestiges of Rhys happy trail.Nichole was then extra careful as he slowly and methodically shaved off
Rhys silky thatch of early adolescent pubic hair from above the base of
Rhys still erect penis. When she was done she wiped the area clean with the
wash cloth and then went back over the area to clean up any stray pubic
hairs she may have missed.She then proceeded to remove the small patch of hair underneath Rhys left
arm then his right and soon the 14 year old teenager found himself as
hairless as a ten year old!After wiping off any traces of leftover shave cream, Nichole joined Tiffany
and Leanne in stepped back to take in the erotic sight of Rhys completely
hairless body.Rhys could feel that he was totally bald around his genitals and that even
his happy trail of peach fuzz was gone! In despair he dropped his head onto
his chest but kept his eyes closed knowing that his fifteen minutes must
soon be up."You look like a little boy, but if you're lucky it will grow back,"
Tiffany teased as she reached down and again gently stroked her finger
along the still erect shaft of Rhys penis.As she did this, Rhys again moaned slightly and arched his back and rocked
up onto his heals. But this time he also clenched his fists and curled his
toes in obvious sexual arousal.Tiffany continued to trace her finger up and down the throbbing shaft as
Nichole and Leanne moved in close to inspect."He's getting close to shooting his load, I can feel it through his
throbbing dick" said Tiffany"Yeah he sure looks like he is about too!" Leanne agreed.Another guttural moan escaped from Rhys lips as tiffany again reached down
and cupped Rhys scrotum and gently caressed Rhys walnut-sized testicles.The stroking and milking of Rhys fully erect 5 inch penis as well as the
massaging of his scrotum and testicles soon had Rhys rapidly approaching
orgasm.Nichole and Leanne watched enthralled as Tiffany expertly masturbated the
ever sexually aroused Rhys. To prolong his time to orgasm Tiffany changed
her action to short slow strokes and then after a while she switched over
to longer and faster ones and soon after she did this the moaning shaking
14 year old neared his inevitable climax."Look going to shoot real soon!!!" Nichole exclaimed as Rhys naked body
spasmed and shook uncontrollably.Rhys fought to minimize his moans as he neared the verge of an awesome
orgasm. He didn't want to undergo this initiation any longer than the
fifteen minutes.A final quick burst of milking strokes to the shaft of Rhys throbbing penis
just below his penis head took Rhys over the edge and he came. One, two
then three thick jets of semen erupted from Rhys penis and shot out toward
Nichole and Leanne who stepped back just in time allowing the precious
fluid to fall harmlessly onto the dirt floor before them. Several smaller
spurts dribbled out of Rhys still throbbing penis and fell onto the dirt as
Rhys fought to control his body and not fail the initiation.It was a relieved but humiliated and embarrassed Rhys Newton who left the
club house later that afternoon. He had passed his initiation but revenge
on the three girls who had caused his humiliation was foremost on his mind
as he walked through the woods on his way home. By the time he reached his
house in Coreytown he had a plan of action already forming in small lolita sex pics
his head!
End Story 15.
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